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Jungler's Photo and Video Blog: Nude Wife Video

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Jungler: Fixed version of "Dripping-wet hottie wife parading around our bedroom naked! Every luscious inch exposed for your pleasure. Looks forward to your thoughts & comments!"

Nude Wife Ass Pussy Milf Brunette Latina Amateur Bush Tits Bedroom Candid

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April 9, 2017    718,454    22    259
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flag as inappropriate sr19782002    March 17, 2018VResident
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Your incredibly hot, naked body really gets my big cock extremely hard! WOW! Would so love to join you naked in the bedroom and have some hot and sexy fun together! You are a dream come true! Love you Jungler!
Shawn (sr19782002

flag as inappropriate Grace    Nov. 29, 2017VResident
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I dig! ❤️❤️

flag as inappropriate Richard32    April 13, 2017

Very sexy wife. Keep'em cuming

flag as inappropriate Chrissy    April 13, 2017
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Great body, super girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

flag as inappropriate Rod    April 13, 2017VResident

She's awesome

flag as inappropriate LizaLittle    April 12, 2017

mmmm i feel like such a voyeur watching this - like I'm lying on the bed trying to stay quiet as i touch myself, watching her massage herself with that lotion.... damn this is sexy!!!

flag as inappropriate vrivo    April 11, 2017

too short but very very sexy

flag as inappropriate justrite    April 10, 2017

Wow,what a sexy lady,she makes me erect.

flag as inappropriate Southernnymale    April 10, 2017

Oh fuck!! You are gorgeous!! I love your tits and pussy, and your pretty face!!! I hope your post hundreds of videos!!!

flag as inappropriate Evil_ten21    April 10, 2017
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Such a hot sexy wife looking forward to seeing more of her up close and naked!!

flag as inappropriate luvladies    April 9, 2017
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with a hot naked body like that ...pump me a few times and i will put some lotion on you as well !!!!!!

flag as inappropriate Junkyard Dawg    April 9, 2017VResident
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She is stunning,

flag as inappropriate So Cal Admirer    April 9, 2017VResident

Damn, Dood, she's Killer Sexy... thanks for sharing!

flag as inappropriate excleve    April 9, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Sexy hot wife

flag as inappropriate Jim27    April 9, 2017VResident

She's got a beautiful body. I love her dimples. Lets see a longer video of her riding a hard cock.

flag as inappropriate Tyro    April 9, 2017VResident
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damn she is sexy!

flag as inappropriate knave    April 9, 2017VResident
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She's a hottie with a great ass and naked thighs that are so damn sexy!! If she was always walking
around my bedroom on those smoooooth luscious legs I'd have a perpetual hard on!!

flag as inappropriate Gilbert    April 9, 2017

Perfection and waaaay too short!

flag as inappropriate akthumper    April 9, 2017VResident

Mmmmm..... What as hottie she is !!! Would sure like to put that lotion on her whole body for her ..... I'm rock hard !!

 Jungler    April 9, 2017
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Tributes are welcome.

flag as inappropriate jackin    April 9, 2017VResident
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She is hot

 Jungler    April 9, 2017
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Tributes are welcome.

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